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How it works:

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A. Install Steel Piers

1. Determine number of piers needed and proper
    pier placement.

2. A 2’ x 2’ hole is dug at the edge of the foundation
    grade beam and tunneled back under the
    foundation grade beam.

3. Install L-shaped steel bracket under the foundation
    grade beam.

4. Install hydraulic tower/s with two cylinders to push
    steel piling down to bedrock or an equal load bearing
    strata and/or complete refusal.

5. Raise and stabilize the foundation to what the
    structure will safely allow.

6. Welding steel bracket assembly to steel piling for the
    strongest bond. We never use flimsy cables, pins or
    stacked shims like others

7. Cut off excess pipe and cap pipe

8. Cover and compact soil.

9. Haul off all debris created during the work process,
    leaving the job site clean.





Steel Pier System

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